Can't find what you need below? Send us a MESSAGE or call Loren 0451 093 022 or Erin 0450 187 871 for a chat.

When is your kitchen open?

We open our kitchen to the public every Friday from 10am until sold out. You can order online HERE and collect between 10am and Midday to make sure you don’t miss out.

What’s in your donuts?

Our donuts contain; flour, salt, sugar, eggs, butter, fresh yeast, sourdough starter (flour and water). For a complete ingredient list of a specific donut filling, send us a message.

Are your donuts vegan/dairy-free/gluten-free?

No for all! Unfortunately (or fortunately) our donuts are full of butter, eggs and flour so aren’t suitable for vegans, or gluten and dairy intolerant folk.

Can I eat your donuts if I have nut or other allergies?

Our small kitchen uses eggs, dairy and every type of nut there is, so we can never guarantee that there aren’t traces of these items in your donut. If you have an allergy, but are OK with the possibility of traces of it in your donut, make sure you let us know in the notes section when you order.

Are your donuts 100% sourdough?

No they’re not. They contain approximately 30% fresh yeast and 70% sourdough starter to make them rise. They still enjoy a long – 48 hour – fermentation and rising process which makes the wheat easier to tolerate for a lot of people. Why aren’t they? After a very long testing period we couldn’t get that light, delicate donut texture we wanted using 100% sourdough, but we still love that slightly sour, amazing flavour, so we went for the best of both worlds.

What is sourdough?

Sourdough is a natural leaven made from flour and water that makes bread (and donuts) rise.

What if I order donuts online past the deadline?

If you order, and pay, online after 5pm Wednesday and we cannot fill your order, we will contact you to arrange a refund, or reschedule your collection date.

 Can I choose my fillings when I order online?

Yes. Just let us know in the NOTES section when you order of your flavour preferences.

 Can I order online but pay in cash?

Yes, but not through the order now page. If you send us an email with our order, before 5pm Wednesday, we’ll get your order ready and you can fix us up on collection.

 What if I’d like to order donuts NOT on Fridays?

We do make donuts on other days, but depending on what we have on, there may be a minimum spend. It is usually $200 if we have no other orders that day. Send us an EMAIL with all the details and we’ll get in touch promptly. 

 Where else do you sell your donuts?

You can check out our FIND US page for all outlets & addresses.